Stem met een groen hart

Photo: Selena Magnolia Ik ben momenteel aan boord van het reddingsschip de Sea-Watch 3 op de Middellandse Zee in een haven bij Sicilië. We hebben in een week tijd 363 mensen gered op zee van de verdrinkingsdood en een onzekere mensonterende toekomst in Libië. Terwijl wij reddingen deden waren er nog minstens 5 andere boten... Continue Reading →

All about Search and Rescue in the Mediterranean Sea

© Chris Grodotzki / Sea-Watch Below all the websites with background information on the subject. I also gave a online lecture, Websites: Saving lives at sea; interactive map, charts and data about MSF's search and rescue activities in the Mediterranean MSF returns to Mediterranean search and rescue operations with Sea-Watch Meet the... Continue Reading →

The white bubble

I started it before the events in the USA happened. It makes me feel sick what happened with George Floyd, but this global uprising needed to happen. The (white) bubble needs to burst.  My goal with my website and instagram account is to tell first hand about the sad and horrible things that are... Continue Reading →

It’s all about perspective.

A month ago I was able to fly back to the Netherlands last minute. The day after the airports in Iraq suddenly closed. I had to end my mission with Médecins sans Frontières not even being halfway. Sadly the second time I experienced such a situation. At the same time COVID-19 also came knocking at... Continue Reading →

In love with me

I had this realisation the other night. We strive our whole life to find this significant other, our ‘soulmate’. To fall in love with someone else. Society teaches us, expects this of us. In the process we go past the point, maybe the main reason we live: to find out who we are, become the... Continue Reading →

Politics in humanitarian aid

Let me tell you two stories.  There was a girl onetime, named Raia. Her mother made wrong choices, and ended up leaving her home country Kazakistan to a new promised land. That land did not exist, and she ended up in a refugee camp. Because of her nationality, she was considered dangerous and housed in... Continue Reading →

Nature doesn’t need us, we badly need her

We have created a world where we strive perfection, ambition and success. We strive wealth and health, beyond everything. Everything is buyable, makeable, creatable. The values we have are based upon superficiality, volatility and emptiness. They are the foundation in everything. In the news, the commercials, our businesses, our government. They poison us like we... Continue Reading →

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